Registration Information

General Information:

Brownsville, Lomira and Theresa athletic associations will continue common registration for the 2024 season and beyond. We hope this makes it very simple for everyone to get signed up for youth baseball and softball going forward.

Registration will open February 1, 2024. Online registration and payment is required for 2024. Exceptions can be made but you must contact an Board Member or Coach to make arrangements.

Please Note: As you fill out the registration form there is an option for your child’s preferred location to play (Brownsville, Lomira or Theresa). In the best interest of players and coaches it may be necessary to make arrangements after registration to move players to other locations to have optimal numbers for team development. Players will not be moved without communication with parents. Every option will be weighed for your child to provide them with the best playing experience possible.

Registration Fees:

Registration fees are listed on the registration forms and are automatically calculated as you fill out the form. Your child will not be placed on a team until registration fees have been received. If you are registering more than one child be sure to record your registration number, it’s required to calculate your discount.

Volunteer Commitment:

All of our youth sports associations depend heavily on volunteering. Our expectations are that everyone contributes by volunteering for various duties throughout our seasons. Without everyone’s support we would not be able to continue our youth sports programs at a reasonable level. Volunteer opportunities include our spring clean ups, coaching, team representatives, board positions and most importantly our concession stands.

Concessions Expectations:

Our expectations are that each family works a minimum of two league games and one tournament shift, which amounts to around 6-10 hours. If you have children playing both baseball and softball you are expected to work a shift at both tournaments. Please take our expectations seriously. Our programs simply cannot operate without volunteers.


I, the parent of the named child hereby give my approval to his/her participation in any or all youth activities during the current Brownsville, Lomira or Theresa Youth baseball seasons. I assume all risks and hazardous incidents to such participation including transportation to and from activities. I do hereby wave, release, absolve, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless the Brownsville, Lomira and Theresa Athletic Associations, its sponsors, organizers, supervisors, participants, and persons transporting my son/daughter to or from activities, or any claim arising out of injury to my son/daughter.

I agree to, upon the request, return the uniform and other equipment issued to my son/daughter in the same condition as when received except for normal wear and tear, or forfeit the cost of the uniform or equipment.

I will furnish a birth certificate of the above named child upon request of the league officials. I authorize, in my absence, my son/daughter’s coach to sign for emergency treatment in case of injury.

Registration deadline is March 1st.

The link below will take you to the online registration form:

The Lomira Athletic Association Board

For questions or concerns please use the link below to contact one of our board members.